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Anaheim Hills, CA


Seeking reliable tree care services in Anaheim, CA? TreeCare Arborists will be happy to help you!

We are a leading tree management service provider of Anaheim Hills, CA, operated and owned by certified ISA arborist professionals. For more than 20 years, we provide high-quality tree removal, tree pruning, and other specialized tree management services across Southern California. We are recognized for our quality of work, and we employ updated practices and techniques to offer superior care to trees. Our tree care services promote natural beauty, sound structure and health in trees.

Our arborists are highly skilled, trained and experienced to provide the best possible thinning, shaping, crown reduction, and corrective pruning services. We have carried out many projects of tree removal and stump grinding, new tree planting, and tree relocation. Years of experience in nurturing trees has equipped us with the wisdom to offer quality nutrition and fertilization services.

TreeCare Arborists also provides specialized services like pruning recommendations, soil assessment and water management, and arborist reports.

Want to give expert care to your trees? Let’s talk.