Long Beach



Looking for a Reliable Tree Care Service in Long Beach? Trust the Experts at TreeCare Arborists!

TreeCare Arborists is a leading tree care service in Long Beach, California. We are a team of certified ISA arborists, well-versed with the art and science of Tree Care. We are currently providing specialized tree services in Long Beach including Thinning, Shaping, Corrective Pruning and many other Tree care services – for more than 15 years!

We focus on residential properties and are interested in clients that love their trees and want them to be healthy and happy. We trimmed the Jacaranda in the photo above for a very happy customer in Long Beach that has been calling us back every year since we first pruned it. We love our repeat customers and look forward to providing our top-notch tree services in Long Beach to find more just like this one!

We understand tree care and employ only the best-in-class techniques to care for plants and trees. Our quality of work is what makes us a well-recognized Tree Service provider in the Long Beach area. TreeCare Arborists is committed to enhancing the health and natural beauty of your trees.

Have a tree that needs care in Long Beach? Give us a call today!