New Tree Planting


New Tree Planting

Be it in offices or in houses, investing in plants is always a wise decision. By planting plants around, you are naturally exposed to a better and healthier life. In addition, plants are great for beautification which increases property value.

Nonetheless, it’s true that maintaining plants is hard work and needs a lot of time. To grow healthy plants, it’s important to be passionate, skilled and have a good understanding of plants and their surrounding. At TreeCare Arborists, we not only have a highly experienced team, but also one that is passionate and committed to propagating the goodness of trees and plants around us.

Plant More Trees Around

Planting trees can do a world of good. There is a host of benefits that you enjoy with new tree planting. Some are:

  • Trees are a natural source of fresh oxygen
  • Trees absorb harmful gases like airborne ammonia, carbon dioxide, and pollutants
  • Trees act as a great barrier for flooding and soil erosion
  • Trees save a house’s utility cost by protecting it from rain, wind and sun
  • Plants also improve the environment around, thus reducing both air-conditioning and heating costs
  • They reduce the harmful effects of climate change
  • Plants provide natural shelters and home to birds and other wildlife
  • Lastly, they beautify the neighborhood

We Understand the Art & Science of New Tree Planting

We, at TreeCare Arborists, have been spreading the message of new tree planting across South California for over twenty years now. We strive to offer top quality tree care, maintenance, and beautification services to our customers. Our entire New Tree Planting service includes:

  • Surveying the site and tree selection – Our experienced staff survey the soil and conditions, to make sure what kind of plants would suit your soil best. This offers you a wide variety of options that suits the conditions and you can choose the plants you wish to grow. In this way, we help to satisfy both your fancies and the duty towards the environment.
  • Planting the tree – Different trees have different needs and conditions, and therefore, require different ways of planting. Only the experienced are aware of how to properly plant a specific plant specimen to help it grow healthy and strong. We have the team, equipment, knowledge, and passion “to do it the right way”.

Planting plants is a great way to pay back to the world and we, at TreeCare Arborists, are here to help you make the earth a more beautiful and healthy place.