Nutrition and Fertilization


Proper nutrition and fertilization ensures proper health and growth of trees. A tree can never survive well on a nutrient deficit land. Trees growing on healthy lands with perfect blend of nutrients are always devoid of diseases. With adequate amount of nutrients, if you add good fertilizers then the tree will be protected from harmful insects and survive for a longer period of time.
The nutrients that plants and trees require are of two kinds:

  • Macro nutrients
  • Micro nutrients

Macro nutrients are much more important for plants than the micro nutrients. Macro nutrients that are required for the natural growth of plants are – Potassium, Sulfur, Magnesium, Calcium, Nitrogen and Phosphorous.
Micro nutrients are also required but in a very small amount. They are – Chlorine, Zinc, Manganese, Boron, Iron and Molybdenum.
When the plant is getting good amount of nutrients , now the next step is to see that the fertilization is also proper. Only a properly fertilized soil can maintain a healthy plant. If the soil is not fertilized then the tree will get sick and different insects will destroy the tree.
A good understanding of the soil, and a sound knowledge about plant nutrition and fertilization is required to grow healthy plants and trees.

At TreeCare Arborists, we are professionally trained to understand the trees better and are capable to solve all the problems regarding their nutrition and fertilization. This is not only our profession, but also our passion, and we do it with utmost dedication.


Want to provide better nutrition and fertilization to your plants? We are here to help you!