Why Shaping a Tree is Important?

Trees in a good shape add to the natural beauty of your landscape.
However, growing trees in a good shape is an art, which is no easy task and a lot goes into putting it through.

When the foliage of a tree outgrows, it becomes prone to diseases, or fungal infections. This is where shaping a tree comes to the fore.

Shaping a tree brings an advantage to it, both in terms of its health and its appearance. The trick is to give an eye-catching appearance to a tree alongside removing its overgrowth. When tree branches are grafted, they become capable of combining with trunks.

Various Methods of Shaping a Tree

The three popular methods of shaping a tree are – aeroponic culture, instant tree shaping, and gradual tree shaping. Other techniques include pruning, twisting, ring barking, weaving, framing, creasing, braiding etc.

Aeroponic culture is a method of growing plants without soil, and in presence of a small amount of water. It enables a tree to grow both horizontally and vertically. NASA had had a roaring success with its experiment to grow Asian bean seedlings using this technology in the absence of gravity.

Arborists use the method of instant tree shaping to give a desired design to a tree. They lean and weave a tree to a desired pattern and hold it until a new growth comes out to form a cast. Fluid dynamics of a tree plays a key role in determining the success of this technology, so arborists try to be well-versed with it in order to get a desired result.

Gradual tree shaping involves designing the shape of a tree using a support framework. There are pathways either on the wooden jigs or on a shaped wire.
Arborists train the shaping zones of the newly grown parts, and its shaping actually begins at this stage. The training goes on either daily or monthly.

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