Tree Relocation / Transplanting


This is a quite common issue, and is often a result of unplanned construction. You must always think about the trees in your garden before you construct your house. Transplanting a tree is a risky process, and it may even take a toll on the tree’s life.

Transplanting a tree means moving a tree from one place to another. During the shifting process, if the root ball breaks apart, the tree will fall dead immediately. We are professionals having expertize in tree care. Being experienced professionals in tree relocation, we know all the risks factors that are involved in transplanting a tree. While you transplant a tree, its feeder roots get affected and the tree becomes weaker and cannot bloom and blossom in the same manner. To avoid this condition, you need to be very careful about the root ball and the feeder roots of the tree that you are transplanting.

It’s important to soak the roots of the tree prior to shifting, so that the soil gets binded with the roots and the root ball. Now dig the soil very carefully without harming the roots. Cover the root ball with with a burlap and bind it tightly so that the root ball doesn’t get affected. Before you place the roots in the new soil, dig an exact hole in the new soil as it used to be in the old one , so that the tree can adapt. Now cover the roots with the top soil and mulch the plant lightly. Hydrate the tree with adequate amount of water.
This is the right way of transplanting a plant , so that the plant can survive without any damage.

Only a highly skilled Tree Relocation professional can accomplish this task properly. Our years of experience in transplanting trees has given us the expertize to accomplish the job well! We love trees and a single hurt to a tree is a huge pain for us. Our profession is just not our duty, but we feel what we do.
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